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I have a big house that is completely empty, but I care more about what will be hanging on the walls of Baby’s nursery walls than I do on my own walls. I know my priorities!

The PARENTAL UNITS have decided to go with a gender neutral jungle theme for the nursery. The walls are a beautiful happy blue and now the room is empty and a blank canvas. They’ve decided that they would like to purchase a rug and use that as the main inspiration for the room. I’ll write about nursery/baby/kid rugs later, but let’s focus on the art.

Three example of what I believe are good things to have in nursery art (click on the thumbnails to enlarge):

 african_animals___bookmarks_by_tinypilot.jpg  fun_animals_by_hotpinkflamingo.jpg   zebra_couple_by_ecom.jpg

The first one, I think is more sophisticated. It’s high on the cute scale without being “sugar coated goo-goo-ga-ga,” if you know what I mean. Also, it has the names of the animals which is always a plus educationally.

The second one is high on the color factor and super cute. It has loys of animals and the numerous colors could match with any nursery colors. Having a variety of animals and colors allows parents to be flexible with the rest of the decor of the room.

The third one (my favorite) is a little more abstract. It’s creative and unique, colorful, and an interesting picture of a zebra. I love it! Though all 3 are quite different, they are all nice to have depending on your own personal taste in decorating your child’s room.


The PARENTAL UNITS do not want anything too mainstream and too cutesy-mutesey. I totally agree with them on this. I think that when you’re decorating a nursery you have to put part of your own character and intersts into it. Be open and creative. DON’T do everything in Winnie the Pooh just because that’s what you think a nursery should look like. You should have fun creating a room for your child.

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