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Being a new mom is not an excuse to be unfashionable. Being tired from no sleep and taking care of BABY is no reason to walk out of the house with an ugly diaper bag reasoning with yourself that “it just carries everything” or “it’s the most durable.”

 Ladies, throw those excuses away. You’re a NEW MOM with a NEW BABY. What about that is unfashionable that you should carry an ugly bag? You didn’t carry ugly bags when you were single or when you were dating or when you were engaged or when you were married, SO why would you want an ugly diaper bag? Don’t you think you need a modern, chic, and functionale diaper bag now that BABY is here?


Don’t be frumpy. Feel fantastic by looking fantastic. Whether in leather, a designer luxury brand, a funky printed design, or just something simple but classic, choose a diaper bag that says something about you. Get a bag that says “I’m a mom, and I’m hot, AND , I still have good taste! Thank you!” **My personal favorite is the lat bag!** Classy and sophisticated!

Great article about Chic Bags that are…yes, actually diaper bags!

 Here‘s a little taste of what’s out there:


The Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Lin Diaper Bag…. Gorgeousness at… can you guess the price? 

OiOi Messenger Diaper Bag- Black Floral Jacquard



OiOi Messenger Diaper Bag-Sand Moroccan





 StorkSak Chocolate Julie Diaper Bag   LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag! Again, very classic!



Kalencom Diaper Bag-Blue Orient Buckle Messenger Bag


digimarc4.jpg     yhst-80204245038479_1988_341719296.gif

Fleurville Diaper Bag Botanical Azure Lexie Tote




YOU HAVE TO LOVE THESE! These cute (and fashionable diaper bags) are smaller and are more for short errands out of the house–good to have already stocked up with all the basics for when you have to run out!  Fleurville Escape Pods (13 to choose from!)




Kalencom Diaper Bag- Black Toile Buckle




Leaf Lexington Diaper Bag
Price: $150.00


Whipstitch Leather Diaper Bag in Bronze
Price: $285.00


 Lime Morocco Bag

Posh by Tori 

Price: $149.00


 Grommet Diaper Bag in Pearlized Mint Leather or Toffee Pebbled Leather by Nest
Price: $285.00   ****MY FAVORITE**** Who says you can’t put an Hermès scarf in there?



I’m not surprised that after deciding to call my blog “Modern Delicious-ness….” that I would start my first entry talking about food. With the help of friends and family, I am planning out the PARENTAL UNIT’S baby shower for Babe. The constant theme (also with the nursery decor which we will get to later) is JUNGLE! BUT, this entry is about food, so here we go!

Reasons for a Modern, Unique, and Fabulous Baby Shower : 1) I love the PARENTAL UNIT and they deserve to have a tres chic baby shower, and 2) it’s a time of celebration with friends and family. That’s why the shower and the food has to be as wonderful as the two new parents-to-be.

showerdecor.jpg   1621842728_b10ab54842_o.jpg

Yes, the pics are a little too “girly” for the kind of baby shower we’re throwing, but it is inspiring especially if you’re really wanting to do a tea party baby shower for a little girl.

The PARENTAL UNIT have decided that they would like a “tea party-like” jungle baby shower. The PARENTAL UNIT are not a bland boring couple, therefore, they will not have a bland boring baby shower. Everything will be personalized and handmade by none other than the the star chef/baker/gourmet food aficionado THE BROTHER. You will want to check out how he does this because I plan to take lots of pics so that you can bring delicious-ness to your own baby shower or other parties you’ll host.

On the menu for the baby shower will be an assortment of different delicious exotic tea sandwiches and hor’devours, petit fours, truffles, cupcakes, and special meringue kisses. EVERYTHING for the baby shower will be documented so check back to see more pictures and how we did what.

Now onto the inspiration:

1. Tea Sandwiches: We’re making our own recipes for the spreads for these. I’ll post more about these when we make them.


2. Petit Fours

3. Jungle cupcakes


4. The truffles will be specially made, again our own recipes, so check back.

5. Meringue kisses…which be the favors for the guests. Thanks to Ms. Martha Stewart herself for the inspiration! We’ll be wrapping the meringue kisses in green plastic wrap with ribbon and a label that says “Sending you home with some kisses…” Cute, right?! Here’s Martha’s recipe for the Italian Meringues: and the meringues:


The baby shower menu is a work in progress. I’m excited to really explore how creative we can be with the food! I want it beautiful and delicious… of course!

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